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Arnaud Giuliani's Speaking at KotlinConf 2024: A Journey Through Koin & Kotlin Innovation

Arnaud Giuliani at KotlinConf for Koin & Kotlin
Arnaud Giuliani: Creator of Koin & Speaker Extraordinaire

We're excited to share that Arnaud, will be on the stage at KotlinConf 2024 - So mark your calendars!🗓️

Arnaud is of course the creator of Koin, the pragmatic and concise Kotlin dependency injection framework. Since launching Koin in 2017, he's been dedicated to providing the Kotlin community with a powerful yet straightforward tool to streamline development processes. 

Beyond developing Koin, he's been an active conference speaker since 2016, delving into various aspects of Kotlin at conferences and meetups. His presentations, which cover a wide range of Kotlin-related topics, can be found here. He also regularly shares insights and writes articles on Medium, offering advice, tutorials, and reflections on software development with a focus on Android application architecture, Koin and Kotlin. 

In 2020, his contributions to the Kotlin community were recognized when he became a Google Developer Expert. This role has allowed him to further engage with and support Kotlin developers around the world, sharing his knowledge and helping others grow in their professional journeys. He's also been busy developing Cloud-Inject, currently in open beta, it's the application architecture observability platform for Koin users. Stay tuned for an announcement on this soon!

At KotlinConf, Arnaud is set to deliver two groundbreaking talks that promise to enrich your understanding of Kotlin & Koin's capabilities and ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just embarking on your Kotlin journey, these sessions are tailor-made for you.


Talk 1: Navigating the Kotlin Ecosystem with Koin

In his first talk, Arnaud will guide us through the expansive landscape of Kotlin development, demonstrating how Koin, the renowned Kotlin dependency injection framework, stands at the heart of seamless integration across the ecosystem.

Giuliani_-_Android_Compose_Multiplatform_Server_-_Inject_them_all_with_Koin_625045 (2)

He'll delve into the complexities of building cutting-edge Android applications with Jetpack Compose, expanding your codebase across various platforms with Kotlin Multiplatform, and orchestrating server-side components with Ktor. You'll get to witness Koin's emergence as the central integration platform that seamlessly connects these diverse elements of the Kotlin ecosystem.

This session is designed to elevate your knowledge from the fundamentals of building on each platform to mastering injection patterns in your shared Kotlin code, including Android, iOS, Compose, and more. Prepare yourself for an enlightening journey into the present and future of Kotlin development with Koin

..............................And get a sneak peek at the upcoming features of Koin 4.🔥🔥🔥🔥


Talk 2: From Zero to Billions: Building a High-Performance Kotlin App in Two Months

Giuliani_Colman_-_From_Zero_to_Billions_Building_a_High-Performance_Kotlin_App_in_Two_Months_624953 (1)

This presentation is sure to be a showstopper!

Arnaud, along with our brilliant colleague Leo, delves into the thrilling journey of creating a high-performance Kotlin application that can manage billions of events in just two months. Shortly after our initial client started using the SDK, we were immersed in analyzing around 5 terabytes of data.

The challenge was immense: how to store this vast amount of data without skyrocketing cloud consumption? Which data to retain and which to discard? How to ensure the frontend performance remains unaffected while loading pages?

Thanks to the flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform, we were able to design an infrastructure that is as reliable as it is scalable. But the work didn't stop there. We had to simultaneously develop new features.

In this presentation, they'll share the technology choices we made that enabled us to deliver quickly. They'll delve into our use of Ktor, Exposed, and Koin for our Kotlin web application development.

Join this talk to learn how they navigated these (crazy) challenges and successfully delivered a high-performing, data-intensive application.

See you in Copenhagen!